Sunday, November 6, 2016

Biogeocoenosis of the G.A.I.A.N. - M.I.N.D.

"Biogeocoenosis of the G.A.I.A.N. - M.I.N.D."
27" x 37"
Oil on canvas

The acronym stands for: Gaian Artificial Intelligence Adaptive Network - Meta Information Node Dome

And biogeocoenosis is a word that means deep ecological association of life and the physical earth processes. 

Basically it's like a future version of the internet where artificial intelligence has emerged and converged and become one with natures intelligence and created an "Earth mind" or "Gaian mind" that surrounds the planet as a live-able and alive geodesic stratosphere city exo-structure - that communicates with the biological and geological processes of Earth to self-engineer more earth like biosphere planets in space. The color spectrum represents the information storing as a kind of light grid around the planet - playing with the ideas of "Mother Nature as it's own technology" and "technology as it's own Mother Nature."

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