Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Holy Photosynth-Eye Sense

 “Holy Photosynth-Eye Sense”
10” x 8”, oil on canvas, 2020

The simple leaf can be seen as both an archetypal visionary symbol for the intelligence inherent in all nature’s evolutionary dynamics, as well for overall metamorphosis, but it is also an example of a creative evolutionary organic solar or light-technology, that runs all life..

“.. one clue for constructing a better image for nature’s creativity comes from the story of photosynthesis..” ~ Brian Swimme

"Both leaves and eyes have learned how to make sense of photons of light." ~ Simon G. Powell

“This is a green world, with animals comparatively few and small, and all dependent on the leaves. By leaves we live.” ~ Patrick Geddes

“All is leaf.” ~ Goethe

* * *

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Plant, Planet, Paradigm

"Plant, Planet, Paradigm"
20" x 40"
Oil on canvas

* * *
"Instead of imposing our science upon life, we can find ways to let life guide the development of knowledge about ourselves." - Erich Jantsch

The leaf, as it exists in nature, is actually a solar technology that's beyond our limited concepts of technology and machine metaphors altogether ..

We are at an evolutionary crossroads for the future of human systems: between a dissociative technological prosthesis (transhumanism/material reductionism/centralized totalitarianism) or a unitive evolutionary transformation (spiritual renaissance/cultural design/decentralized self-governance).

What if the evolution of humans is a gestation process in the womb of Earth, that ends in the cosmic birth and biogenesis of Earth-like biospheres into space?

"The more hopeless our present situation seems, confronted by both ecologically unbalanced environments and psychological unbalanced minds, the more imperative it is not to lose hope.

The coming generation still has man's oldest [option], cultivating the arts that make man human."

— Lewis Mumford, Transformations of man, 1972

 * * *

 ""You will begin to realize that if you contemplate long enough on the leaf of the flower, that it involves the whole universe."
- Alan Watts
"The aqueous and metamorphosing surfaces of this planet are also a technology, but a technology as elegant as the blood and bones of the human body, whose inner workings, so amazingly run, depend not at all on our conscious understanding. Thus there is a wisdom in nature, an elusive ecosophy that we can approach but never subsume." - Dorion Sagan 
"Alienation from nature and the loss of the experience of being part of the living creation is the greatest tragedy of our materialistic era." - Dr. Albert Hofmann 
"Clearly we have not only arrived at just another point in time of cultural change, but at a major mutation in the evolution of mankind." - Erich Jantsch 
"Could it happen that life will grow in scope and power until it dominates the ecology of the universe as it today dominates the ecology of planet Earth? Could it happen that life will dominate the universe to such a degree as to achieve mastery over the geometry of space and time and create a habitat in which life can survive forever?" - Freeman Dyson 
"It is impossible to conceive of another thousand years of human history. History then is ending. History is a kind of gestation process. It’s a kind of metamorphosis. It’s an episode in the life of a species." - Terence Mckenna
 "Matter and the human body is the placenta of the soul and it is certainly true that the earth is the cradle of the human race, but no infant remains in the cradle forever." - Terence Mckenna
"Creating other living worlds is destined not only to enrich our science but to shift the whole foundations of our emerging planetary consciousness." - Dorion Sagan


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Biogeocoenosis of the G.A.I.A.N. - M.I.N.D.

"Biogeocoenosis of the G.A.I.A.N. - M.I.N.D."
27" x 37"
Oil on canvas

The acronym stands for: Gaian Artificial Intelligence Adaptive Network - Meta Information Node Dome

And biogeocoenosis is a word that means deep ecological association of life and the physical earth processes. 

Basically it's like a future version of the internet where artificial intelligence has emerged and converged and become one with natures intelligence and created an "Earth mind" or "Gaian mind" that surrounds the planet as a live-able and alive geodesic stratosphere city exo-structure - that communicates with the biological and geological processes of Earth to self-engineer more earth like biosphere planets in space. The color spectrum represents the information storing as a kind of light grid around the planet - playing with the ideas of "Mother Nature as it's own technology" and "technology as it's own Mother Nature."

* * *
"Someone once said, 'plants invented animals to carry them around'. Well, I think, eh, you know, the Earth invented human beings to build machines, and those machines will be the consciousness of the Earth. Have you not noticed that these machines are made of the Earth? They are made of gold and silver and arsenic and copper and iridium. They are the stuff of the Earth, organized by primate fingers into more complex arrangements than the Earth could achieve through geological folding, glaciation, volcanism, and what have you. We do the fine-tuning, but the Earth is beginning to think." 
- Terence McKenna

* * *

Saturday, August 27, 2016


10" x 10"
Acrylic on wood

“All is leaf.” - Goethe

Initially drawing this piece it struck me how it could work as a symbol for the unity of the organism-field relationship, in resonance with the universal archetypes or sacred geometry, and the creative, emergent evolutionary self-organizing forces of bio-logic working at all scales in Nature.

"Bio-Vision" is about the philosophy of the natural intelligence of life, at work in the evolutionary sense-making of natural selection and the self-organization of forms and systems of life through bio-logic.  

“This is a green world, with animals comparatively few and small, and all dependent on the leaves. By leaves we live.” - Patrick Geddes

"Both leaves and eyes have learned how to make sense of photons of light." - Simon G. Powell
  Breakdown of the symbolic meaning:
Vesica Pisces - (overlapping circles) an archetypal symbol for creation, emergence, convergence, birth, a portal -  sacred geometry of higher dimensional archetypes, the cosmic code, generative laws of physics and life, levels of universal dynamic form attractors 
The Field - the extended spacial influence of the archetype on the organisms relationship with the environment through the evolutionary processes of bio-logic  
The Eye - symbolizes the emergence of intelligence or awareness within and through Nature  
The Leaf - symbol for Nature and the total organism/field-environment integration as an emergent whole/part self-organizing natural intelligence in resonance with the archetypal

Another way of thinking about this is how the natural intelligence of life emerges harmonically in a universe of life generative physics and archetypes.

I think about the universe as unified fractal contexts of relative meaning: contexts of the cosmos, of the natural world, and of human consciousness, each embedded and growing out of the other, and I think all can be said to be alive, if they all share universal meaningful processes throughout and at the lowest physical level. So we all share entropy and decay materially (and creative self-organization, or extropy, from that level also) in that we are bodies of particles that use and breakdown energy, and so even at a material level the universe is meaningful in process and pattern, because an organized and lawful matter, is meaningful matter! Physics is just a slower form of life in a way. And life isn't just an accident on top of the laws of physics, it directly grows out of it's laws. Equally consciousness isn't an epiphenomenon byproduct accident on top of the supposed accident life, a view which is the home of most establishment orthodox and reductionist science, that evolution is a "directionless" and pointless process. 

These are all various levels and ways of telling and re-telling our changing cosmic story about the world and ourselves, in that our metaphors, myths, or stories have gone from a cosmos created as an object by a detached god, to a machine breaking down and set up by an abandoned and detached god, to what I think could now be called an emergent or self-created and creative cosmos, where the processes of creativity found in human activity are a unifying factor found to be at work and come from within the organizing forces and dynamics in nature as a whole.

"This is a creating universe not a created one." - Walter Russell


"Nature, the Universe, can be seen as one vast system of self-organizing intelligence, biological evolution being one particular way in which this intelligence gradually but inexorably expresses itself." - Simon G. Powell 
"As intimated, my chief contention is that evolution through natural selection is a process that displays the chief characteristics of intelligence. I also contend that the laws of Nature, which facilitate evolution, are likewise bound up with intelligence. I portray this new perspective in terms of *natural intelligence (thus making it distinguishable from, say, artificial intelligence or human intelligence)." - Simon G. Powell 
"What if life were not a cosmic accident but the essential reality at the very heart of the elegant machinery of the universe? What if Darwin's principle of natural selection were merely a tiny fractal embodiment of a universal life-giving principle that drives the evolution of stars, galaxies, and the cosmos itself? What if the universe were literally in the process of coming to life?" - James N. Gardner  
"I am suggesting that there may come a time when physics will be willing to learn from biology as biology has been willing to learn from physics, a time when physics will accept the endless diversity of nature as one of it's central themes, just as biology has accepted the unity of the genetic coding apparatus as one of it's central dogmas." - Freeman Dyson 
"The properties of matter and the course of cosmic evolution are now seen to be intimately related to the structure of the living being and to its activities; they become, therefore, far more important in biology than has previously been suspected. For the whole evolutionary process, both cosmic and organic, is one, and the biologist may now rightly regard the Universe in its very essence as biocentric." - Lawrence J. Henderson 
"Apparently there is a great discovery or insight which our culture is deliberately designed to suppress, distort and ignore. That is that Nature is some kind of minded entity. That Nature is not simply the random flight of atoms through electromagnetic fields. Nature is not the empty, de-spiritualized lumpen matter that we inherit from modern physics. But it is instead a kind of intelligence, a kind of mind." - Terence Mckenna 
"Nature is not mute; it is man who is deaf" - Terence Mckenna 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Metaverse: Geometries of Cosmos

"Metaverse: Geometries of Cosmos"
20" circle 
Oil on canvas

My visual concept model of the multi-verse black (w)hole. The inside of the black whole is at the center, containing an entire universe at macro level, and the black hole is the transitional light perimeter, with the birth of another universe expanding outwards, with the process embedded fractally within itself in the toroid form. 

For me this takes care of the whole "edge of the universe, but what's outside that?" problem. The black hole could really only be a dimensional threshold that births universes. 

It could be a film, with the membrane of the sphere as the black hole event horizon, with universes on both sides, and with a third universe that's not visible which has the galaxy with a collapsing star that created the particular black hole for each one. 

This would be a 2d slice of a 5d meta-verse concept, or a place to see the before and after stages of all the universes from.


"The cosmological picture that emerges--a map in time as well as in space--is not what most of us expected. It offers a new perspective on how a single "genesis event" created billions of galaxies, black holes, stars, and planets, and how atoms have been assembled--here on Earth, and perhaps other worlds--into living beings intricate enough to ponder their origins. There are deep connections between stars and atoms, between the cosmos and the microworld. . . . Our emergence and survival depend on very special "tuning" of the cosmos--a cosmos that may be even vaster than the universe that we can actual see." - Martin Rees

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pupil Metamorphosis of Planet Earth

"Pupil Metamorphosis of Planet Earth"
Oil on canvas

Finishing up another Earth biogenesis piece.. The creation of a biospheric vision of space travel helps to align a deeper unified evolutionary vision of nature, humans, technology, and the cosmos…

"Propagule formation, the "seeding" of the biosphere prior to its dissemination, is as natural as a larval metamorphosis, the shedding of old parts in preparation for a new life. Language, technology, humanity, physicality, meaning--all of these are included latently and blatantly in the workings of the Earth, in the global regime. Each successful encapsulation of Earth life in the technological extrastructure of a biosphere represents an Earth "seed"--part of a pod-forming or blossoming process that is more central to life than are plants, fungi, or animals. By forming biospheres, Earth enters a stage of propagule formation preparatory to dissemination and cosmic metamorphosis. In such a dissemination and metamorphosis it becomes clear that technology was never anything but natural." - Dorion Sagan
. . .

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Light Tuned Leafs

"Leaf Consciousness"
12" x 16"
Oil on canvas, 2015

"Light Tuned Leaf 1"
12" x 12"
Oil on canvas, 2014

"Light Tuned Leaf 2"
12" x 12"
Oil on Canvas, 2014

"The world is not a machine. Everything in it is force, life, thought." - Leibniz

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less the journeywork of the stars." - Walt Whitman