Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Holy Photosynth-Eye Sense

 “Holy Photosynth-Eye Sense”
10” x 8”, oil on canvas, 2020

Art and technics, the symbol and the tool, are the two sides of the mutual and complementary evolutionary relationships between the arts and the sciences. Each side self-balances and finds inspiration, direction, correction and purpose from the other, fostering both stability and emergence, and the health of overall cultural evolution.

The simple leaf can be seen as both an archetypal symbol for the natural intelligence inherent in all of nature’s evolutionary dynamics, as well for metamorphosis, but it is also an example of technics, or a technology, a living and evolutionary solar technology, that runs all life.


“Man was perhaps an image maker and a language maker, a dreamer and an artist, even before he was a toolmaker. At all events, through most of history, it was the symbol, not the tool, that pointed to his superior function.” - Lewis Mumford, Art & Technics (1952)

“.. one clue for constructing a better image for nature’s creativity comes from the story of photosynthesis..” ~ Brian Swimme

"Both leaves and eyes have learned how to make sense of photons of light." ~ Simon G. Powell

“This is a green world, with animals comparatively few and small, and all dependent on the leaves. By leaves we live.” ~ Patrick Geddes

“All is leaf.” ~ Goethe

* * *