Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pupil Metamorphosis of Planet Earth

"Pupil Metamorphosis of Planet Earth"
Oil on canvas

Finishing up another Earth biogenesis piece.. The creation of a biospheric vision of space travel helps to align a deeper unified evolutionary vision of nature, humans, technology, and the cosmos…

"Propagule formation, the "seeding" of the biosphere prior to its dissemination, is as natural as a larval metamorphosis, the shedding of old parts in preparation for a new life. Language, technology, humanity, physicality, meaning--all of these are included latently and blatantly in the workings of the Earth, in the global regime. Each successful encapsulation of Earth life in the technological extrastructure of a biosphere represents an Earth "seed"--part of a pod-forming or blossoming process that is more central to life than are plants, fungi, or animals. By forming biospheres, Earth enters a stage of propagule formation preparatory to dissemination and cosmic metamorphosis. In such a dissemination and metamorphosis it becomes clear that technology was never anything but natural." - Dorion Sagan
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